Gracier Levenche Colmar Torraine, the Archbishop of Buché, was placed under arrest on Primus Second of this year following an investigation spearheaded by Tibault d’Allais, Captain of the city’s Musketeers. The archbishop has been accused of treason and is being held in the Forteresse Buchaine under the watchful eye of the Duchess’ men in Buché.


Almost immediately following his arrest, the cathedral was shuttered and masses discontinued there. The Gnostic brothers attached in the cathedral school were prohibited from teaching and their workshops were shut down. Rumors began to circulate that the secret papers Gracier intended to disseminate had yet to be found.

On Terdi the 4th of Primus the musketeers were alerted to a disturbance at the White Boar tavern. Following up, Capitaine Tibault discovered one of the cathedral’s monseigneurs who was holed up with a number of mercenaries in a closed church in the slums of the city. After a brutal battle in which Tibault’s men were badly wounded, the Capitaine arranged for a negotiated retreat to preserve the lives of his musketeers.

The priest, who was later identified as Dominique, escaped musketeer custody and assaulted a number of the Duchesses guard at the cathedral. Another scuffle at the eastern gate left one of the Buché guard capitaine’s dead. They are believed to have been spirited from the city with the aid of local peasantry. The Duchess responded at once by announcing that all prelates within the province would be subject to search and required to carry papers issued by their archpriests or bishops.

Intendent Adelina Arsembaut has issued similar orders in the neighboring provinces and a full-scale hunt for the spies is underway. They are said to be dressed as Gnostic monks or peasants and are heading for the Castillian border. Rumors to the contrary, they have yet to be apprehended and no priests have been hanged.

Du Fer et du Sang

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