San Tropal

Military Governor: Lord General Luc Leveque d’Aur Population: 25,000


Opposite El Morro, in the heart of Montaigne-occupied Torres, stands the battered city of San Tropal. Her walls have been blasted asunder by shelling from the Montaigne artillery barrages that captured her, and most of her citizens have fled across the river. San Tropal, once a vital port and stopage point for ships journeying on the Rio del Delia, is now a ghost of itself and the center of the military occupation in the north of Castille.

Lord Sices du Sices chose the position for its proximity to the Black Fortress on the far side of the river and its used as a supply waypoint for goods to be shipped to the camps opposite El Morro. From here, the Montaigne army is given commands and the administrative business of the province administered. Grain must come into San Tropal before being distributed amongst the various armies in the field and the bulk of the Armée Soleil now rests within this former trading port.

Most of the city has devolved into a vast slum save for the residence of the former Don, which is now the Hôtel de Geurre from which Lord General Antoine runs his war. Shortly before Montegue departed, salvos from the far side of the river began and these continue every few days. Thus, raiding parties frequently issue forth from San Tropal to silence these guns, though many Montaigne are killed on each venture during their forays into hostile Castillian territory.

The Catedral del hospital is one of the few religious buildings still occupied in San Tropal, and has become a place where Montaigne soldiers may go to be healed. Archdeacon Ubaldo Este, a Vodacce, insists that even if the Montaigne fight against the church it is the sacred duty of all good Vaticines to offer aid to the suffering.

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San Tropal

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